Community in Art

My favorite way to connect with someone is across the table doing art.  This is my happy place!  I love relationships with others, but when we are doing art and talking it’s like suddenly my true love language is being spoken. I’m so thankful for the community I have in art.  Most people create in … More Community in Art

Art Classes

Hi Friends, I’m going to be offering a monthly art/heart gathering class.  One thing I’ve realized is creativity involves our heart.  It feels a little vulnerable and we struggle with comparison and longing to do something perfectly.   I’ve realized in doing art I have to give myself permission to create.   I also value … More Art Classes

Big Reveal

6 months ago my art teacher and mentor, Joan Moody asked me to create a significant work (think your best work ever) and not show it to anyone else and then have it unveiled at a party. I told a friend this and she said, “Well no pressure there…” (Ha!)  What a journey it has … More Big Reveal