Does it sing?

Recently I took way too long working on a painting.  I honestly thought I was an hour from finishing but 4 hours later I felt I was going no where.  Finally I put it on the wall and sat in a chair and stared at it.  My art teacher, Joan Moody, suggested we look at our art and ask, “Does it sing?”  As I stared at it all I could think was this is a very flat note.  Honestly I was tired of working on it and thought of just walking away.  Sometimes you just need fresh eyes and sometimes you just need to sit and contemplate and figure it out.  Sitting and waiting and pondering and thinking is hard work.  It’s hard to try to have fresh eyes.  It’s hard to think about jumping back in and it’s extra hard when you just want to quit.  Finally I realized I needed to add color, lots of colors and so I just began writing down the words red, blue, yellow, turquoise, pink and purple.  As I stared at the picture I realized it involved risk to do this and not just add a few spots with colors, but put them in different places as well.  So I took a deep breath and began.

Later I got stuck on the stuff in the basket (and wanted to dump all of that out), but did a shout out to my daughter Stephany and she helped me see the possibilities in the basket.  Then the next time I hung it on the wall and sat down I saw with surprise that there was a new dance of colors and to be honest I went from hating it to loving it in a moment.

It’s interesting the lessons I learn from art.  I get a new lesson every time I do art.  My lesson this time had to do with hopelessness, discouragement, giving up, sitting, waiting and finally sticking with it and hoping again.  I’m positive I have more lessons to learn and art brings me humility and surprises me with joy.



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