Process a clean slate

Today I’m beginning again.  I unwrap canvases, pull back my tablecloth revealing a messy plastic tablecloth, lay down the canvases and begin to paint with gesso.  This product is a primer so that the painting sticks better.  There is something to a blank canvas that has an expectation, a hope of something new.  As I squirt the gesso out it feels like doing the next thing.  I realize it’s not the most exciting place of creation, but so necessary.

iphone 005

I want to be like that new canvas.  I want to have things stick.  I want to have something new emerge.  I want to have anticipate that there is something new that is coming and will develop.  Can I be vulnerable and start something new?  Can I risk knowing there is nothing there yet?  Can I have hope for the future?

Anybody else need a fresh start?  What space can you create to start something to create?


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