Why I started this blog, recreate?

Someone asked me recently why I started this blog.  Honestly part of it is because of becoming an artist and selling my art.  However I realized there is more to it.  Something has awakened in me this year since I’ve started giving myself permission to be creative.  I feel that people have lost touch with creativity.  I’ve seen in posting my art on facebook that people are not only drawn to art, but they also wish they were creative too.  I’ve heard a lot of people say, “I wish I was creative.”

The core of my blog is about awakening myself and others to the fact that there aren’t “creative and non-creative” people.  We all have creativity in us.  Also I believe I’ve had a light bulb experience that has given me some insight I’d love to share with you.  I believe you have to be intentional to make it actually happen.  I want to share what I’m discovering as I believe this is my journey too.

Some of the things I plan to talk about are creativity and recreating (making it a habit), the highs and lows. The objective is to help you give yourself permission to not only create and create again, but to push against resistance that stops you from creating.

What is the part that scares you about creativity?

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