What are the lies behind creating?

There are lies we all believe about creating.  I’ve bought them, put them in a beautiful package and sat them on a shelf with a spectacular bow.  I’d like the open this package and show you what I’ve shoved in this box.

Lies I believe / believed

  1. Being creative is selfish.  I have so many things on my “too do list” and being creative isn’t that important.  TRUTH: Creativity is actually caring, kind, unselfish and it is important.
  2. Someday I will get around to it.  It will happen after I do what is on my to do list.  TRUTH: We only have time for the things we make time for.  We use this as an excuse to not be creative.
  3. Once I start doing creative things it will get easy to be creative.  TRUTH:  There is always resistance to being creative.  Voices (small and large) speak in your head and tell you, “Who do you think you are?”  “Okay you did okay that one time, but never again.”
  4. I believe that I am responsible and a grown up and I need to do things that are a real priority.  TRUTH: Being create is important and there is freedom in doing things that bring you life and energize you.  Also I wonder do I really know what is best for me?
  5. I can never do that…I’m not that good…I will fail so I won’t even try.  TRUTH: Comparison is the thief of joy.  We are afraid to fail.  We get in the habit of only doing things we know we will succeed at.
  6. Being creative is safe.  TRUTH: Creativity requires courage, being vulnerable and it’s like exposing your heart to others and involves a lot of risk.

My art teacher, mentor and friend, Joan Moody asked me several months ago to draw a wall with the things on it that stop me from being creative.  It was crazy how quickly I filled that wall up with huge bricks that stopped me from doing art.  After I wrote them all out I went back with a blue pen and wrote the truth.

What are the lies you believe about being creative?  What are the truths?  So what are you believing?



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