Want to listen, read, shop and take a quiz?

I find I love listening to things while doing other things (like being creative) and also love learning.  Here are a few things you might enjoy.

Podcast: Jeff Goins with the Portfolio Life interviewed Mike Rohde about a book and a process he teaches called sketchnotes from his book the Sketchnote Handbook: the illustrated guide to visual notetaking.  He uses this technique with taking down notes and it sounds fascinating.  http://goinswriter.com/mike-rohde/

Podcast: Quiz: My friend Bert told me about a quiz to take online to find out how you develop habits.  This goes with the book and I then found the podcast.  First take the quiz to find out what type of person you are with habits.  You find out if you are motivated externally (obliger), internally (questioner), both (upholder) or neither (rebel).  http://gretchenrubin.com/happiness_project/2015/01/ta-da-the-launch-of-my-quiz-on-the-four-tendencies-learn-about-yourself/ The next few weeks Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft will be discussion each group.  This week they described the upholder, (me) http://gretchenrubin.com/happiness_project/category/habits-2/ This helps you to understand what needs to happen to develop habits in your life with being creative (or anything else).

Podcast: From the Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields comes a convicting podcast with an interview by Sherry Turkle MIT Professor from her book Reclaiming Conversation talking about how mobile devices have changed relationships.  I was so convicted after listening to this that last night we had no phones at the dinner table.  http://www.goodlifeproject.com/sherry-turkle/?t=radio

Book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I’ve heard about this book from multiple sources and finally listened to it (thank you library) and highly recommend it.  The concepts in this book are like none other and she has you first discard before organize.  So far I’ve gone through all my clothes (dragging them out of the closet and had to handled them one by one to decide which sparks joy getting then discarding the rest) and after that I did my books, media and I’m currently going through paper items in my home.  I’ve gotten rid of 2 bags of garbage and 6 bags of giveaway so far.  It’s creating margin not only in my home, but in me too.  Hard to describe.  There are a few things I don’t agree with (she is from Japan and believes different than me), but step over what you don’t agree with and just keep listening/reading.


Book: Lessons from Madame Chic 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned in Paris by Jennifer Scott.  I am in the process of reading this and it’s things the author discovered while leaving in France that made her re-look at the way she had always done things regarding diet, exercise, style, beauty and living well.  I’ve am inspired to consider doing things differently in a couple of areas.  http://www.amazon.com/Lessons-Madame-Chic-Stylish-Secrets/dp/1451699379

Shopping: ALDI Grocery Store, this is my last tip and I owe this to Robert Harnden, my son-in-law.  Stephany and Robert have been shopping there for months and raving, but I confess I was underwhelmed when I went in there before.  I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy and remember walking out with a bag of apples and leaving.  Robert kept challenging me so I finally went.  You must bring with you one Quarter (for your cart which you get back when you return it), bags or boxes to put your groceries in and cash or a debit card and an open mind.  I went on a Saturday afternoon and there were only about 15 cars in the parking lot.  There were much fewer choices and almost everything is their store brand.  So buy similar things to what you would normally buy.  I was there a much shorter time that when I shopped at Walmart, I found because there was less to choose from it was easier to get in and get out and was able to find about 90% of what was on my list.  Everyone who worked there was very friendly.  You put everything on the conveyor belt and then they put in in the basket and you go to another area to sack/box up your items.  I’m estimating we saved between $50-$75 and so far we’ve been pleased with everything we’ve eaten.  I’m going back!  https://www.aldi.us/en/new-to-aldi/shopping-at-aldi/

Again I’ll try to do this from time to time.  Any recommendations you have?



4 thoughts on “Want to listen, read, shop and take a quiz?

  1. This is great Kathy! I haven’t finished the Magic of Tidying yet–your post encourages me to do so. I enjoy Gretchen Rubin too, but haven’t taken the quiz yet. And yay for you finding Aldi as a good option! We have LIDL in our town which is very similar. We visit Aldi at times in the nearby town. My mom’s town is getting one soon.


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