What are the 6 lies I believe about creating?

Intentions are great, but to be honest many times I talk about what I want to do rather than actually do it.  I pin things on pinterest for when i can get around to doing art, but rarely go back and do it.  I have good intentions, but at times I have a hard time making them more than just a hope.  There are 6 lies I believe about creating.

My excuses:

  1. I don’t have time.  Really?  I have time for facebook.  I have time to watch a video online.  I have time to do a lot of things, but I don’t have time to be creative?  Truth: I don’t make the time.
  2. I just want to have fun when creating.   I find the more times I create the harder it gets.  I’m been in a season of hard the last few weeks.  Truth: Creating is work, and so worth it!
  3. I’m not in the mood, I’ll wait till I’m feeling inspired.  If I decide to do this I may never be creative again.  Truth: The Inspiration will arrive when the effort is applied.
  4. I don’t know what to do next.  Do you feel the pain in this? It’s hard to re-create again and rather than do what I’ve always done to try something new.  It’s also hard to have to take the time to process this.  Truth: It takes planning and thought to figure out what to do next, but postponing it won’t make it happen.
  5. Resistance stops me and shuts me down.  The biggest battle people face is in the heart and the head.  I can find any excuse to not start doing my art.  Steven Pressfield shares in the Art of War, “What defeats you, what defeats almost every artist, is they allow resistance to stop them. Just like people fall off a diet or a program of exercise or any kind of resolution to better themselves, it is same thing in creative work. To overcome resistance you have to be incredible tough minded and really hard on yourself. You have to be a real professional and you can’t accept excuses from yourself.”  Truth: Rather than deny it I need to acknowledge that resistance is real and learn how to step over it.
  6. Finally fear will go away and it will get easier to create.  Ha!  I can’t believe I try to convince myself that being creative is fun and light and joy and that I won’t fear.  Truth:  Every day while creating I will face the fear that I’m not enough, that I can’t do this anymore, and that the last piece I created was all that I have left.

I’ve been doing art full time since April and these lies and whispers have grown louder instead of quieter.  Some days I can just hop in and other days I find myself wanting to clean my house just to avoid the battle.  What lies do you believe around creating?  Can you be kind enough to yourself today to whisper some truth into your ears? Today I need to hear this most of all.



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