Why should I write a letter to my future self?

Recently I was encouraged by 2 different people to write a letter to my future artist.  At first I found myself just looking at the page and thinking and then wondering what in the world I would write my future self. Yet I know there is something to using a pen and paper that causes me to process in a different way. So I began my letter and wrote it in September 2014 to be read this summer of 2015. Below is the letter…


I’m comfortable using the word artist. I’m finding I’ve developed a new routine and no art feels foreign. I love the variety that’s coming and I’m beginning to even surprise myself. I believe besides developing the business side the Lord is unlocking new doors as I prepare to welcome Elise (my now new granddaughter).

I’m developing more white space and even when I’m busy I’m trying to remain still. I’m looking at my calendar and commitments and learning how to edit.

There are still things I need to let go of and at the same time not let go of what is precious and vital. May I hold closer to You and chose to grow in new ways.

I pray in this new season the editing has created cleaner pages and that it will begin to be reflected in my art.

I pray that in my art studio I begin to imagine new things. May I hold close to what I should and release what I shouldn’t hold on to. May I have better and better hearing to listen to You and others.  Remember Kathy I’m your friend.


Even rereading this I’m reminded of how I’m happiest when I have some white space. I’ve forgotten some of these truths this last month when I bogged down in the mire of redoing and painting over.  I don’t think I’m to the point of all types of art being comfortable yet.  I want to lean more into imagining new things.

What letter could you write to your future self? I have another letter waiting to be opened in February.



2 thoughts on “Why should I write a letter to my future self?

  1. Beautiful idea to write future self. God inspired clarity in reading & writing just like the benefit of white space. Inspired to seek both. Precious to be near your sweet family in this season of Elise’s birth. Stephany & Robert are naturals in parenting.
    We share a love of doors. This one is amazing.
    Would you consider writing up guidance for spiritual art journaling or leading a small group in a work shop?


    1. Lillian sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. Thanks for your thoughtful response and thankful you have your eyes on Stephany, Robert and Elise. I think Stephany mentioned to you praying in color http://prayingincolor.com/ Also while not a christian class I’ve loved taking these art classes online by Jane La Fazio http://janelafazio.com/online-classes/ Her art journaling classes are just a great way to begin and I love the learning that occurs there. Again while not a Christian I love Danny Gregory’s book on beginning to draw The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to Be the Artist You Truly Are. My all time favorite book about doing art by a Christian is the Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. I don’t really know of anything specific about spiritual art journaling and I live in Houston so not sure about a work shop. I think doing art begins to wake you up to God and creativity in new ways that little else does. Another book I’ve heard about recently that is an adult coloring book around scriptures is by Margaret Feinberg Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book that would be fun.


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