Vision Board for the New Year

Several years ago my art teacher Joan Moody shared with me about creating a vision board.  She explained it was a way to share what you loved in a visual way and then display it as a reminder of what you love.  I remember sitting on the floor in the living room tearing pictures out, cutting out words and then realizing I loved them all, but had to edit what I had before putting them on the board.

It felt like  an all you can eat buffet and I was limited to what I could put on the plate.  I found myself having to pick between multiple things often.  It’s hard making the decision of what stays and what goes.  Yet I found when I did make some decisions it felt good to choose the best over better.

Several years ago I heard through Ali Edwards about a one word theme for the year.  You had to pick one word that would be the word you would lean into for the year.  After doing that the last few years I’ve done my vision board around my word for the year.  It’s another fun way to focus in on what is important for me for this year.

Recently I shared with some others about making a vision board.  I was able to do it at the same time as them, but I found myself more interested in theirs than in mine.  Truly loved seeing the things that emerged on their pages.  I can honestly say looking at this made me know each of  these people better.  Here is one my friend Jose created.

jose vision board

I’d like to challenge you to make a vision board this year.  All you need are some magazines, scissors, rubber cement and a poster board or some canvas and some time to play.  Below is what I created around my word for 2016 Color Full.

Also speaking of play I want to give a shout out for my dear friend Lee Ann.  She’s started creating Lego creations to go with quotes on art and they are amazing!  Daringdiscoveries is on Instagram.  Please consider following Lee Ann and be inspired and delighted… IMG_1555



2 thoughts on “Vision Board for the New Year

  1. Perfect post. Interesting thought about the limiting and choice as I did a bigger board this year – wonder if didn’t want to limit 🙂 I’m so thankful for you sharing with me and so exited to be on my second word of the year vision board and see what magic will transpire.


    1. I did a big board this year too. This was on the paper that Tiffany and Jose had. Bring your vision board on Thursday and is there any way to show them what you have been doing with the Lego blocks?


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