Creative Field Trip

Have you ever been on a creative field trip?  So many times I think of creativity as sitting down in my house and creating something new.  However creativity also involves going out and getting your eyes and mind filled up with color and new things.  I recently went on several creative field trips and want to make this a new rhythm in my life.

The first place I went was to the Galleria.  I was with George and while he was doing business I went exploring and took pictures of window displays and beautiful dresses in Saks Fifth Avenue.  As I investigated and was taking pictures one of the salespeople  stopped me and asked me if I was from Europe.  I didn’t understand it at the time but I think it was because I was taking pictures.

This week I visited Central Market, a unique grocery store in Houston filled with beautiful colors.  Exploring the fruit, seafood, vegetables, and flowers I love, love, loved the variety and textures.  Afterwards I went to a store a friend had told me about called High Fashion Fabric in downtown.  It’s amazing the variation, array, collection and stunning patterns.

I felt energized and full walking away from them all. Where would you go looking?  Consider going on a creative field trip yourself! IMG_1654IMG_1481IMG_1620



4 thoughts on “Creative Field Trip

  1. I do that too in gardens, at the Farmer’s Market and gazing at fields of baled round hay or fields of wildflowers…feeding my soul through my eyes and spirit of awe and wonder at God’s bountiful goodness!



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