Creativity of Play

Honestly play is not something I do that well.  I mean I used to play.  I would play dress up, I would play games and I would sit down and create just to have the fun of creating.  Now many times I feel I must produce and it should be good.

I recently heard that children when asked to draw each other did gladly and then proudly held up what they created.  When adults do the same they apologize, tell each other how bad it is and feel defeated.  What happens when we grow up that changes the way we risk to create?

I saw a video recently about a child who was imaginative and created his own arcade.  A man discovered it and produced a film about it.  It’s amazing and gives you feelings of just pride as you see this boy, Caine with his heart to create.

Sometimes when we see creativity it inspires us to be creative.  This happened with this film.  Other children gave themselves permission to be inspired and create with cardboard as well as you can see in this 2nd video. caines-arcade

This makes me think, what can we create if we give ourselves permission to play and are inspired?


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