Have you ever drawn in public?

The initial challenge to draw outside made me feel very vulnerable.  I was taking a class “Beginnings by Sketchbook Skool” http://sketchbookskoolhouse.com/archives/course/beginning-april  and the artist Koosje Koene challenged us to step outside and draw.  I’ve done it several times now and here are some of my experiences.

  1. A sketching date!  My husband (a non-artist) and I went into downtown Houston to look for something to sketch, and the first place that was qualified, we stopped.  We each had a sketchbook, some pens, waterbrush (this is a brush that holds water) and some watercolors.  We sat side by side and drew.  It was fun for both of us and every time I see that fountain I smile now, and my artistically challenged husband smiles when he sees it too.

    2. On a trip to the art museum to sketch.  I took my sketchbook and some art supplies into the museum.  I sat in front of one painting and began to draw.  It was unnerving having a few watch and took courage to keep going.  A few minutes into the drawing I  sat down and suddenly found myself  surrounded by a teacher and a class of young students.  The teacher not only talked about the painting, but she talked about me drawing.  I found my cheeks turning red, but pressed on.  Right before the teacher finished speaking, a little girl leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I like your art.”  Suddenly 4 or 5 more students stepped up offered compliments as well.  Truly, it felt like a sweet gift from God.  monet journaling3. Just go outside and walk around and draw.  I’ve done this with a group, with a friend and also alone.  It stretches you positively in new ways.  My friend Caitlin and I drew in my front yard and also in the park nearby.  Again it becomes almost like play.

caitlin and lilies

4. Vacations are another place I’ve drawn outside and inside.  Each time it makes me remember the moment and the place so much better than taking a picture would do.  iphone new mexico 014

Do hope you think in new ways about where you can draw & sketch some art.


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