Have you ever listened with art?

IMG_1912Want to find out what speaks to your heart? I’ve discovered something that always surprises me with the answers. Every time I do this I’m taken aback in the way I discover new things. It’s called Listening with Art and my art teacher, Joan Moody introduced it to me.

The supplies you need are 3 pieces of watercolor paper, plus a page to take some notes on, watercolors, a brush, magazines, scissors and rubber cement.

1. To begin, Sit quietly with a journal or piece of paper and think, What are some questions your soul is asking right now? Begin to write questions down and after a period of time (2-10 minutes) pick the top 3.
2. Get 3 pieces of papers, all the same size and write on the back of each one of the questions. Mix them up and paint with watercolors the front of each page with different combinations of colors. Lay them aside to dry.
3. Grab a stack of magazines and begin thumbing through them and when you find words or pictures you like tear the page out. When you have a stack cut out the pictures and words that you liked. Set them in random ways on the 3 pages (don’t overthink it). When you like what you have, begin to glue them down with rubber cement (you put it on the back of the picture as well as on the sheet you are gluing it to).
4. Now sit quietly again with your 3 sheets and some paper. Read the question on the back and then turn the page over and begin to journal and see what the pictures and colors speak to the question on the back. When you finish, begin again. Do this for all 3 pages.

So what emerged? Have you Trusted the process? I did this Listening With Art with 2 young women recently and it was my 4th time to have done it. This art always captivates me by what happens.

I challenge you to try this by yourself or with others.


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