Artists that inspire me

Last year my art teacher, Joan Moody, asked me to find pictures by artist that inspired me.  I found myself being drawn to certain ones and here are a few.

Erin Gregory her colors and still lives excite me with the colors, the movement, the way it literally blossoms in fullness (I can almost smell them!) Erin Gregoryerin gregory

I also love the colors and shadows and restfulness of Karen Mathison Schmidt.  Here is an example of her work. Karen Mathison Schmidt

karen mathison schmidt

An artist I’ve met and taken a couple of workshops with that always inspires me is Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson.  Elizabeth works with painted papers and is always reinventing herself and pushing herself with a new technique or subject.  Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson

elizabeth st hilaire nelson

Another artist that affects me is Dreama Tolle Perry.  I love the way the colors dance in her pictures and the peacefulness and above all else the light.  Dreama Tolle Perry

dreama tolle perry

Cathleen Rehfeld inspires me with the simplicity and how she makes art look simple and complex all at once.  Again her colors inspire me.  Cathleen Rehfeld

cathleen rehfeld

Shelli Walters uses color and paper and her designs make me look a long time.

Shelli Walters

shelli walters 2

Erin Hanson creates beautiful landscapes in oil and again the colors captivate me.

Erin Hanson

erin hanson

A local artist that is in Galveston that I admire is Rene Wiley.

Rene Wiley

rene wiley

I’ve also recently fallen in love with the art of Jenni Horne and signed up for an online class with her.  Jenni Horne

jenni horne

And lastly my art teacher, friend and mentor, Joan Moody.

Joan Moody

joan moody

Each of these artists sparks me and kindles a desire in me for more with their boldness and I just want to enter into their art.  I love other artists as well, but these are just a few that inspire me.  Who inspires you?




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