What’s Making Me Happy

I listen to a podcast The Art of Simple Podcast that always ends with a question to the guest, “What’s Making You Happy?”  I realize for each of us that we find things that uncover joy and I wanted to share a few things that are making me happy now.

The British Baking Show on PBS.  Think about a contest to see who is the best bakers and mix this with civility and kindness.  Honestly it is refreshing and fun and we learned a ton about some baked items I had never heard of before.  Before our adult kids moved overseas this was the thing that helped the most.  Watching a show with them every night made it all bearable.    British Baking Show Season 1 so far is the only full season available online but I have found a few random shows on youtube.


I don’t know how many of you watched the Sherlock Holmes Series on PBS (looks like  season 4 is coming Sherlock Holmes Season 4 preview but I’ve discovered a book series about Dr Holmes and a young girl named Mary Russell that I’ve loved.  They meet when Mary is 15 and Holmes is retired.  Honestly the story so pulled me in I found myself sitting in my car listening to it and not wanting to go in.  The Beekeepers Apprentice is the 1st book in the series and there are 13 books.  Can’t wait to dive into book 2.

beekeepers apprentice

And finally a couple of books that have inspired me with my art.  Show Your Work! (10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered) by Austin Kleon.  This book gets me thinking in so many ways.  I just had a long discussion with my husband George about the chapter”Tell Good Stories.”  I have a big reveal of a major art piece coming up in May where I will have to talk about my art I have done and I realize I need to work on the story I share as much as the art.

show your work

Finally George and I have been listening to the book The Little Book of Talent, 52 Tips for improving your skills by Daniel Coyle.  This book has so many good tips in it that I have a hard time processing it.  I think I will need to get it in book form to go along with the audio.  One tip is that doing something for 5 minutes a day you learn more than doing it for one hour a week.  Here’s an article Juvoni Beckford wrote about 10 of the tips.  10 Favorites from the Book of Talent . Also don’t judge this book by the cover, it’s packed with abundant rich success stories the author picked up while interviewing people for the Talent Code.

little book of talent

So I’d love to know, what’s making you happy?




2 thoughts on “What’s Making Me Happy

  1. #1. Work. Meaningful work done in the company of kind people, coming home exhausted, seeing the results of that work benefit others. A work there’s no need to escape from; indeed, the work is the escape.
    #2. Music. One passion after another. Stravinsky for several months, then John Coltrane, then Parov Stelar.
    #3. People. A fascinating new co-worker. Getting to know an old friend better. That rare contact with another person when, for a time, neither one of us is alone.
    #4. A rainy day that gives me an unexpected day off work.


    1. Bert I adore each of these and the insight you’ve provided. For some reason wordpress didn’t tell me it was there, but seeing it now and reading what you shared made me smile. Thanks dear friend.


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