Do you like to answer questions?

I do love to answer questions.  I found these in a book Creative Block Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas by Danielle Krysa and decided to answer them myself.

Describe the first moment that you truly felt like an artist.  I think it was the day I went to Pearland Coffee Roaster to meet Victoria.  She was interested in buying a painting and decided to buy two paintings instead and than another friend Lacy was there and bought one also!  At that moment I thought, “Wow maybe I’m an artist.” (Said it a whisper to my soul).

victoria with tree with field

What inspires your work?  I love looking through magazines at the pictures.  Anything that captures my interest I save and tear out.  I have a notebook I keep them and when I need an idea I thumb through it.  Also when I find a picture on pinterest or the internet I like I’ll save it and print them up at Walgreens. I have a drawer full of pictures.  My next inspiration usually comes from one of these sources.


Do you have a trick you use if you are having trouble with a painting?  I hate this struggle.  Sometimes I’ll turn it upside down as well as the picture I’m looking at and paint it for awhile.  Other things I’ve tried is hanging it on the wall and just sitting in front of it.  Sometimes I ask a friend, “What does this need?” Other times I put it down and walk away from it.

Would you ever give up on a painting, or do you always push yourself through?  I’ve done both.  Sometimes I force myself to finish, but I’ve also painted over paintings that were disappointments.  I’ve always wondered lately, “What if I had gone back and revisited it later?”

Do you ever equate your self-worth with your artistic successes?  Yes!  And other times not.  Success doesn’t equal self-worth so it’s a battle to fight this lie.

Are you able to ignore your inner critic?  Depends on how loud it gets.  At times it is easier and at other times it’s still a huge struggle.

What do you do in order to get through a creative block?  Sometimes I make myself do small art projects.  Sometimes I’m mean and make myself just keep doing it to teach myself about perseverance.  Sometimes I become totally defeated and walk away from it for a few days.

How do you feel when you experience the opposite of create block-when things are truly flowing?  It’s exciting and fun.  It feels magical and you hear songs and you feel like dancing.  However that’s not the norm, creative blocks usually come right along with ugly phases in art and it’s a matter of just continuing to work.

What have you learned during your art career that you wish you’d figured out a long time ago?  I so wish I would have told me younger self, it’s okay to do art.  Give yourself permission as it’s a big part of your life and you will feel more like Kathy when you do it.  Also I wish I had given myself permission to call myself an artist years ago rather than just last year.





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