Art Classes

Hi Friends,

I’m going to be offering a monthly art/heart gathering class.  One thing I’ve realized is creativity involves our heart.  It feels a little vulnerable and we struggle with comparison and longing to do something perfectly.   I’ve realized in doing art I have to give myself permission to create.   I also value relationship and it’s a wonderful thing to create together.

I’ve included some examples of some pictures I’ve done with this techniques.

This next class including supplies is $40.  We will be creating a painting on a deep wood panel with paint.

RSVP by Tues July 5th. 

  11, Monday night at 7pm– using a wood panel painted black we will use chalk to create a design or picture on the panel and then paint.  The picture will look different when at the end we will wipe off the chalk leaving a black outline around everything.  Fun to see what emerges!

Goal: To have a time to be relational, have permission to play, to create something and be able to take it home.
Skill Level: None required
Cost: $40 includes supplies
Time: 7-9 pm
Where: 11607 Sagevale Lane, Houston, TX 77089
Contact info: Kathy Ericksen, 281-414-7391,
These will be on Monday nights once a month.
Aug 8- Create a painting.  You will decide what color you want your background and then paint the background the opposite color.  Then using a color you want  for the background we will paint that color in shades on the background.  Then we will paint a picture in the middle. Fun to see the layers!
Sept 12- We will play creating a multi-media background then you can add a painting on top or words.
Oct 10-Draw and paint a watercolor picture of a pumpkin or flowers or both using a pencil, pen, brush, watercolor.
Nov 7 -You are given an assorted amount of items and you create something using them.
Dec 5 -Paint a tree and using scrapbook papers will created a multi-media on a canvas.
Jan 9 -vision board: come with your word of the year and using a canvas and magazines create a vision board.
Feb 13-We will create a multi-media heart on a flat canvas.



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