Community in Art

My favorite way to connect with someone is across the table doing art.  This is my happy place!  I love relationships with others, but when we are doing art and talking it’s like suddenly my true love language is being spoken.

I’m so thankful for the community I have in art.  Most people create in isolation.  I find I have to have times alone, but also the times I have together give me the best of both worlds.

As I child my creating occurred with my grandmother Nana.  She’d have us grandkids over one at a time. She painted with all of us.  We’d go out in her studio and we’d set up our picture we were working on  and side by side we’d paint.  She’d be talking to me about the steps and together we’d do them.  I don’t remember any details, but being with Nana was like being in the most warm and safe place.  When we got finished I’d leave with a new painting or creation and I remember being so happy looking at that art.  It would remind me of our time together.

As an adult after a long dry spell of not doing art for about 10 years I began taking an art class taught by Joan Moody.  We’d sit around her dining table and Sue Allen, Joanne Greene and myself would do art.  Twice a month we’d come and be together and it became a safe place to struggle, fail and even succeed.  We would talk from the heart and we ended up sharing life in a way you rarely do.  Honestly I struggled so much with feeling not enough and felt I was wasting money that I decided after 3 classes I was going to quit, but thankfully that day I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay (best decision ever).  Joan’s class has evolved to a bigger class, but each person that is added in is like a graft to a tree.  We begin to grow together and become something more.

One of my favorite age groups is young women and art has given me a way to connect with them where all age barriers are gone.  We come together to create, but so much more happens at the table.  I love, love, love the creations I’ve seen emerge, but also the relationships that have blossomed there.

There are myths that creativity only happens when you are by yourself.  Try creativity in community and see your happy meter go up a level!



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