What’s Making Me Happy

From time to time I will talk about what is making me happy.

The Gap by Ira Glass is the cutest little video about the process of creating and how you want to be more than you are and have to just do the work.

84 Charing Cross Road movie – a woman in the US looking for books writes a bookstore in England and thus begins a 20 year correspondence between her and those who work in the store.  (Also I haven’t read this, but it is also a book)


My Library– I have a wish list of books going at all times on Amazon.  I then check with my local library to see which they carry and will put them on hold.  It’s crazy when multiple things come in at once (a little overwhelming) but so thankful for the library.


Audible– I adore listening to audio books and audible is the best.  You can get 1-2 audible books a month and I’m so addicted to them I have to restrain myself from getting more.  It’s also great that both George and I are able to listen to them together or separately.  They stay in our library so we get to listen to them more than once if we want to.


LibriVox– These are free audiobooks.  My favorite reader is Karen Savage and I’ve just been listening to what she has recorded (Anne of Green Gables, Scarlet Pimpernel, What Katy Did, etc). The ones recorded by LibriVox volunteers is a mixed bag where different readers will read a different chapter (some less than great).


Podcasts: What Should I read Next? Book Talk/Reading Recommendations by Anne Bogel and she also writes a blog.  I’m constantly getting book recommendations from this show.  Also I recently discovered a new podcast called Shut Your Monkey by Danny Gregory.  Episode 9 with Ilise Benun was challenging as she talked about how as creatives we only want to do the creative part and ignore the harder parts like marketing.  (Raising my hand here).  https://dannygregorysblog.com/2016/06/24/new-podcast-illise-bennun/

podcast-cover-art-1400-HiResshut your monkey

Children’s Books: I’ve discovered children’s books make me happy.  Some I’ve loved are Wednesday Wars (George and I loved listening to this in the truck on our recent road trip), The Mighty Miss Malone, The Story of the Treasure Seekers and the Penderwick series.  I think I’m actually a young girl (10+) locked into a 60 year old body.



Would love to know what is making you happy?




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