Why own original art?

I grew up with original art.  My grandmother was an artist and our house was filled with original paintings by Hazel Walker.   Every time I’d go over to my Nana’s house I’d see more art being painted and that would be going out into other people’s homes.  Now some of my most precious art are ones painted by my grandmother.

As I began painting in earnest in the last few years I realized the hurdle in making the investment in buying art.  We don’t hesitate to spend money on clothes, bedspreads, decorator items as well as furniture, but an original piece of art feels like an indulgence.

I bought my first piece of art.  I went to an art show Joan Moody had and purchased this picture.  A strange thing happens every time I walked by this picture I am drawn to it.  I felt happy in owning it and seeing it on my wall and every day I appreciated it.  Almost two years later I don’t always pause at it, but always feel joy when I see it.


Last year I bought a 2nd one from her and that ones gives me just as much pleasure as the 1st one did.  I wasn’t even sure where to put it and I’ve moved it a couple of times, but where ever it goes the colors lift my spirits.


I visited my friend Lisa Morales at a show she had and bought this piece.  I love the color orange and this one is near my kitchen year round.  I love her mastery of mixed media and she uses beautiful hand painted papers. Again it just makes me happy.


I also  own a picture painted by my dear friend Lisa Tenney. This picture captivated my heart for many reasons.  The amazing thing was I was sitting next to her as she painted this picture.  I saw it emerge and this black canvas was transformed into a place I had been before, the Villa, a prayer retreat.  I loved the painting, but it stuck in my head and my heart and I found myself thinking of it often.  It speaks to me on so many levels and having this in my house makes me feel refreshed and soaked in God’s and Lisa’s love.  I’ve had it in two different rooms in my house and I can say it’s one of my favorite things as it continues to speak to my heart when I see it.

I think we think putting up original art has to do with decorating a house, but I’ve found that is only a very small part of it.  The art changes me emotionally, spiritually and physically in ways that a rug or a bedspread can’t.  I challenge you to consider buying original art and see how it changes not only the room, but your heart and level of happiness.


2 thoughts on “Why own original art?

  1. Wow love the Lisa story and the connection. So powerful. You were the first artist I knew personally to have bought a piece from. We had two other pieces that we discovered and resonated with before but didn’t know the artists, and I remember it was hard to give myself permission to get them, but love them and so thankful we did. Also have a piece now from Alena Hennessy and that’s pretty sweet and inspiring.


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