What is your signature color?

I recently heard a podcast called Happier (episode 75) talking about what is your signature color?  This reminded me of a question my mentor Joan asked me.  What is the main color I use when painting.  Her guess was turquoise as I have a tendency to use it a lot.  To find out what it was I lined up my last 20 paintings all in one room to see what color emerged.  At the time a golden yellow emerged as the color I used the most.  Below it seems there is a orange tint in most (but not all) and a blue (variation) in the ones below.  Anyway it’s interesting to see what type of color theme you see.  IMG_3158

Gretchen and Elizabeth (on the podcast) also talked about signature colors that may emerge in your home.  I do have certain colors, but as you can tell I just love colors period.  Probably I have a green color theme, but red, yellow, orange, turquoise and browns also emerge.


They next suggested looking at your clothes.  The themes I see coming up is most is a turquoise theme, but also oranges, grays and browns emerged. I’ve tried to think through a more consistent color pallet of clothing after reading about it on Project 333 and the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up



Lastly they suggested looking at accessories in your home.  Colored glass is a theme (as it was one of the things I loved at my grandmother’s house).  I love things that remind me of others.  A butter churn that was my grandmothers, a hat that was my mother-in-laws, a cookie jar of some pottery my aunt had, a window that came from my husband’s grandfather’s barn, but the colors that emerge are gold, green, orange, red and blue.  I don’t see a color theme here.


My friend Joan calls me a colorist and maybe that’s my theme, but I’d have to say turquoise (and blues) and greens emerge, but one of my happy colors is orange.  What would you say is your color theme?  I’d love to know.



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