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Hi, thanks for visiting Create Again.  My name is Kathy Ericksen and I’ve been a closet artist off and on for years.  I grew up in a home that nurtured my art.  My grandmother, Hazel Walker,”Nana”, was an artist and she inspired and took an active role in getting each of us grand kids involved in art. I loved art and it was always my elective in school.  Then in my senior year if high school I had a total dry spell and dropped my thoughts of being an artist and literally didn’t pick up art again for almost 10 years.  If I could go back to my younger self this would be the one thing I’d love to talk to myself about.  It’s only been really in the last few years that I’ve given myself permission to do art.  This year things have also changed even more as I’ve now stepped over the obstacle of not feeling like an artist and now am able to say I’m an artist (even though there are still little whispers in my head telling me I’m making it up!)

The reason I created this blog is I feel there is a huge obstacle in most people’s lives to create.  I’ve seen it not only in others lives, but I’ve seen it in myself.  I’m finding in our busy society so often we are all about forgetting to do the things that make us come alive and feed our souls.  We have left behind the child that just loved to be creative.  We’ve also lost knowing what brings us true comfort and fills up our emotional tanks so we are happier to do other things.  My hope is to encourage you to have the courage to be creative again.

In this blog I will be writing about creating, re-creating (starting over again and again), the challenges and successes that arise. I promise to write a blog 1-2 times a week with some questions to ponder.

Who is Kathy?

I’m always lived in the Houston area.   I love God, people, color and design that is restful.  Through the years I’ve loved volunteering, been a bookseller, former homeschooler, love mentoring, serving and organizing.  I married George in 1981 after a quick romance and we have two adult children.  I’m getting ready to be a Nana for the first time and dreaming of time of doing art with Elise in the future.  I’m giving myself permission to do art and have begun in earnest selling my work this year.

I had some friends describe me and one friend, Nancy Stewart used the word metaphorical.  I had to look the word up to see what it meant. It says to find relationships, connections between seemingly unrelated things to make one ponder and think in deep and unexpected ways.  So I’m planning to be metaphorical!

You are invited to join me on this journey even if it at this time you wouldn’t label yourself fully as a creative.  Please sign up to receive recreate (my blog) by email.  On the page with my blog is the word FOLLOW in the bottom right hand corner and click on it to sign up to receive this blog.  This is a great way for us to hang out together.  One of my favorite things in the world to do is to do art across the table from a friend.  Pull up a chair and let’s talk.

Again thanks for visiting.

My facebook pages is https://www.facebook.com/kathy.ericksen.beautitreasures

This is the link to my art for sale



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