Kathy Ericksen Artist About Me


Name: Kathy Ericksen

Nickname: (I always struggled with this as my Mom gave me the name Kathy – why oh why didn’t you give me a name I could have a nickname too???)  My Grandmother sometimes called me Katerina and occasionally someone with call me Kath.

Superhero Alias: Can you imagine an artist wearing a smock with a cape flapping behind her?  Superartist (although most times I felt I’m the Clark Kent version)

Age: 60

Height: 5’8″

Hair color: Brown with Silver (or silver with brown)

Eye Color: Hazel (I especially love this as this was my Grandmother’s 1st name)

Theme Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow sung by Eva Cassidy and Give Me Jesus by Fernando Ortega.

Style Icon: My mixed media teacup picture.

Ultimate Joy: Faith and Growth and having a new granddaughter

Proudest Moment: The day I sold something from Pearland Coffee Roaster and it ended up being 3 things!  Thanks Victoria and Lacey!

Lowest Slump: Season of depression when I was 40.

Brag Worthy Accolade: First time I tentatively called myself an artist.

Arch Nemesis: Discouragement, Self-Doubt and Fear of Failure

Arch-Angel: George who has supported me in so many ways and encouraged me to be an artist.  Joan who has taught me and mentored me and just been a great encouraging friend.  Lee Ann who has come along side of me and has such sweet insight and love and is a wise soul.

Ultimate Quote: Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.  It is also the birthplace of joy, faith and connection.  To create is to make something that has never existed before.  There’s nothing more vulnerable than that.  Dr Brene Brown

Would love to hear yours!



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